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"Peace of mind doesn't come any more comprehensive than this.."

The very fact that we have chosen to supply car warranties from Warrantywise should give you the peace of mind you need.

Any car can break down at the most inconvenient time and it's good to know that Warrantywise will be there in your moment of need for total peace of mind.

Designed by Quentin Wilson, one of Britain's best known motoring authorities, Warrantywise offers the most comprehensive car cover in the UK - bar none! That is why, at Explore Mobility, we use Warrantywise to supply all our warranties.

The deal is simple, you make sure your car is serviced correctly (as the manufacturer recommends) and we (through Warrantywise) will arrange any repairs within the terms of your warranty plan.

With Warrantywise, there are no 'weasel words' such as Betterment, Consequential Damage, Excess or Improving Your Vehicle. There are 5 warranty plans to choose from and we will advise you which one is most suitable for your car.

Moreover, you can change your plan within the first 30 days providing you haven't made any claim for repairs.

For more information on the warranties we provide with our vehicle, please just get in touch.

 info@exploremobility.co.uk Quentin Wilson